The sports drink ULTRA COMPETITION® from SPONSER was especially developed for the needs in ultra- and long-distance physical performances (from 8-12h). The complex hypotonic nutrient solution based on waxy maize starch as well as gluten free starch hydrolysates from barley and rice provide long-lasting energy and a low glycaemic index. This sports drink is particularly suitable for people who suffer from fructose intolerance, because it does not contain any fructose in free form. Furthermore, ULTRA COMPETITION is lactose and acid free and can be individually mixed (dosage) thanks to its neutral flavour.

Tipps for intake:
For a sufficient intake of protein (20 g) and fat (MCT) it is recommended to take one ULTRA PRO (sachet) additionally every 3-4 h. For long- and ultra- distance performances we also recommend the gel LIQUID ENERGY SALTY.

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