The Swiss brand’s leading expertise in food science as well as its innovative drive and high-quality products, make SPONSER® the market leader in the Swiss sports nutrition industry. Olympic champions as well as recreational athletes place trust in SPONSER®. In collaboration with renowned universities, professional athletes and doctors we have designed functional and well-tolerated products based on the latest scientific research to meet every athlete’s nutritional needs. Our products are carefully manufactured from certified sources and are subject to strict quality controls.


Products are not only tested in laboratories but also on heart and kidneys during the over 100 sports events that involve more than 100’000 athletes. Thus, both our products and athletes are always a step ahead of the competition.


Many famous athletes place trust in SPONSER® and our products. Our broad range of customers, whether Olympic champions or recreational athlete, provide a valuable source of feedback.


SPONSER® develops its formulations within its own facilities, based on the latest scientific evidence and in close exchange and collaboration with renowned universities, opinion leaders in sports nutrition, doctors and elite athletes. As a matter of fact, the resulting highly functional and well-tolerated products possess great credibility among our customers.


The Swiss company SPONSER FOOD INC. was founded in 1988. Unsatisfied with the selection of sports nutrition products on the market at the time, two cyclists, Ernst Jucker and Robert Lutta, decided to create their own.  The response was overwhelming. Today, with over 120 products and its own research and development department, SPONSER® is the innovative leader in Switzerland in the field of sports nutrition. Many professional athletes and organisers of sports events place trust in our products and sports nutrition experts in Wollerau; now in more than 30 countries, around 40 employees of the ISO-certified division ensure high-quality products and guarantee that customers benefit the most from their expertise in the field of nutrition and sports. In addition, our branch in Lindau on Lake Constance manages the whole export market in the EU.

At SPONSER FOOD INC every athlete matters, regardless of whether you’re a recreational, professional athlete or a team player: every athlete is a part of the SPONSER® community. Upon request, SPONSER® provides personalised nutritional counselling.